A Glimpse is Enough

There are a couple of things that Papaji says: ‘Having the longing for enlightenment is enlightenment.’ I think that is a very beautiful statement; it’s both profound and compelling at the same time. One other thing: ‘A little bit is enough. There is no more, a glimpse is enough.’

            What he does is give people glimpses, and that is enough. How that will unfold in different people’s lives is completely individual, but Papaji’s stance is that a glimpse is enough. He says, ‘That’s enough.

           Are you ready to take all of this in? Are you ready to go the whole hog? Here’s the opening. Are you ready to go through that door, wholly and thoroughly, withholding nothing; or do you want to hold back? Here’s the door. I’m opening the door. You can see it, you can’t bullshit anymore and you can’t say that you have not seen the door.’

           When Papaji does it, when he hits a person, they know they have seen the door. Some people put one foot through; some people sort of run away. Some people say, ‘Okay, I’ve seen it, that’s enough’; and some people fall in. Me, I was pushed in and could not go back. Once I’d seen that door clearly, I’d seen it before, but not as clearly as this, it just fell down, it just cracked open. It was as if the force of all the past rubbish pushed me through.

        I think that willingness to actually go into it is a real ingredient; that readiness, honesty, sincerity, and humility. Everybody here in Lucknow I’m sure has seen the door open. How far are you willing to go in? I’ve only gone part of the way in, but now I’m sure that I can’t go back. I might resist a little, but I can’t go back.

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  1. I was very lucky that several times glimpses happened to me. In one way they were mind-blowing, in another way simple and light. I can connect with the last sentences, that I have gone part of the way and that there is resistance sometimes. But the clarity and silence is growing, I can’t go back. Thank you for keeping Papaji‘s energy alive.

  2. You can’t go back!

    time to be more aware at how you allow your mind to dominate your daily life.

    all that silly ,’i ‘m not good enough,’ is a sabotage.

    fall into a mind empty of thoughts.

    yes a glimpse is enough because you can never go back.

    stop playing safe.

  3. I like the metaphor with the open door. To once got a glimpse and a look inside leads to excitement and curiosity, it taste like real life
    and to explore it more and more deep.
    Where I stand on this way, i don’t know exactly, but I am on this way, this is enough.

  4. That this state of a glimpse is the real life, not what we think what we are, etc.. .
    I cannot find the right words for this.

    Can you give me an advice how to deal with wants/needs?
    Is it better to look inside in this moment and stay with it or to follow this signal?

    I want to live every moment in abundance, for 100%. How can I do this?

    Thank you for your reply!

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